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Something to read

Jesus said to his disciples, “Occasions for stumbling are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come!"

- Luke 17.1.

Something to think about

Our faith doesn't allow us to be insular. Jesus' words make a connection for us between looking in towards ourselves and looking out towards the wider relationships and communities of which we are part. We are responsible to one another. There are many ways in which our decisions and actions can affect people who are far from us: how we spend and make our money; what we wear and where it comes from; what we eat; what we do with our rubbish; what we share online. 

How can we choose wisely so that we avoid perpetuating injustice, even indirectly? This is significant ethical and spiritual challenge. But it's not something we can turn away from. We are part of systems that cause others to 'stumble', that intensify harm and increase damage to vulnerable communities and the natural world. It is only if we face our responsibilities together that we may, by God's grace, lift one another up, rather than causing one another to stumble and fall.

Something to do

Have a look at Christian Aid's work with young activists through the Christian Aid Collective

What could you do to support this work?

Pray for activists and for all those who are outward-looking, seeking to change the world for the better.

Something to pray

Lord Jesus,

Help me to be outward-looking.

Guide me, that I may make wise choices,

And act for the welfare of others.

Help me to tear down obstacles to justice

And barriers to flourishing.

Forgive me when I stumble

And when I cause others to do so.

I ask this in your name, Lord Jesus,


This contribution was written by Dr Frances Clemson, Faith Communications and Just Scripture Specialist at Christian Aid.