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God knows me

Something to read

And even the hairs of your head are all counted.

- Matthew 10.30.

Something to think about

My thinking about this verse changed when I started reading about the early Christians and the persecution they experienced. Before that I'd thought of this as a comforting verse about God's care for us but I hadn't really grasped just how powerful that message could be.

Many of the early Christians faced the threat of death - and not just any death. Early Christians were sometimes executed, as Jesus was, in ways that were intended not just to cause their death but to dishonour their bodies in the process. For the early Christian communities, then, the idea that God's love for us includes loving us for who we are in our bodies, right down to the individual hairs, could have extraordinary resonance.

Today there are many places where Christians continue to face persecution. There are many contexts were faith communities are sadly in conflict or where the expression of any kind of religious faith is suppressed. Christian Aid works with people of all faiths and none motivated by our belief that every human being should be treated with dignity and that we are called to live out the gospel message of God's love.

How can you show someone that you care for them and value them for who they are - body, mind and soul - today?

Something to do

Explore methods of meditative prayer that encourage you to focus on the wonder of small things. Use a pebble, a nut, a bead or a holding cross as a focus for your eyes and your mind as you pray. As you notice the wonder of small things, reflect on God's love for every aspect of creation.

Something to pray

Father God,

You know me.

You know my heart, my mind,

My intentions, my ambitions.

You count the hairs on my head.

You know the measure of my joy and my sorrow.

You know my words, my ways,

my wants and needs.

Guide me in shaping my life

That I may do good,

And love as I am loved.


This contribution was written by Dr Frances Clemson, Faith Communications and Just Scripture Specialist at Christian Aid.