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Daily pointers based on the international days and the work of our partners to help guide your prayers for justice - new points added every month.


Let us pray together for each of these countries and topics during the month of March.

1 March - World Day of Prayer

Join in praying with women in the occupied Palestinian territory on the 2024 World Day of Prayer.

2 March - Changemakers Conference

Pray for all our supporters attending our Changemakers Conference today.

3 March - Lent Lunches

Pray with thanksgiving for those raising funds for Christian Aid through Lent Lunches.

4 March - Act on Poverty

Pray for groups taking part in our Act on Poverty Lent Course.

5 March - Count your Blessings

Join us in a Lenten prayer journey.

6 March - Anglican Alliance

Pray for Christian Aid's new partnership with the Anglican Alliance, as we work together to tackle extreme poverty.

7 March - Christian Aid Scotland Gathering

Pray for all who attended Christian Aid Scotland's supporter Gathering.

8 March - International Women's Day

Pray that women and girls would be free, safe, valued and empowered across the world.

9 March - Peace

Pray for peace in the Middle East.

10 March - Mothering Sunday

Pray for those remembering their mothers and carers through our Mothering Sunday appeal.

11 March - Ukraine

Pray for an end to the war in Ukraine.

12 March - Salt Network

Pray for the work of our Salt Business Network as it relaunches.

13 March - Climate Vigil

Pray for all those who took part in our 240 hour climate vigil last month.

14 March - Music Makers

Pray for singers and musicians who raise their voices for a more just world.

15 March - Zimbabwe

Pray with thanksgiving for the support of the Baptist Union of Wales in our work in Zimbabwe.

16 March - Walking for Christian Aid

Pray for all involved in sponsored walks for Christian Aid, including today in North Staffordshire.

17 March - Christian Aid Speakers

Pray for those who volunteer their time as Christian Aid speakers.

18 March - Honduras

Pray for Christian Aid Ireland's Spring Appeal for Honduras.

19 March - In Their Lifetime

Pray for Christian Aid's pioneering In Their Lifetime fund.

20 March - Turkey and Syria

Pray for the survivors of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake one year on.

21 March - Racial Justice and Climate Justice

Pray for an end to racial discrimination and for the link between racial justice and climate justice to be recognised.

22 March - World Water Day

Pray that all people would have access to adequate clean, safe drinking water.

23 March - Young Activists

Pray for young activists and campaigners who are speaking truth to power.

24 March - Creative for Climate Justice

Pray for children and young people who are getting creative for climate justice.

25 March - An End to Slavery

Pray for an end to slavery across the world.

26 March - Charity Gifts

Pray for Christian Aid's charity gifts programme as we approach Easter.

27 March - Preparing for Christian Aid Week

Pray for churches beginning to prepare for Christian Aid Week.

28 March - Dignity

As Jesus calls us to serve and cherish one another, pray for the recognition of each person's human dignity.

29 March - Good Friday

Pray that we will find ways to show and share God's love for us through our actions.

30 March - Holy Saturday

Pray for those who wait for justice. Learn more about silent prayer from our partners, the Scottish Episcopal Church.

31 March - Easter Day

Pray with thanksgiving for the joy and hope that our faith brings us.