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Daily pointers based on Christian Aid's work and that of our partners to help guide your prayers for justice. Click the button beneath each prayer prompt to find out more about an issue, country or event.

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Pray with us for each of these countries and topics during the month of June.

1 June - Political Candidates

Pray for UK candidates for parliament as we approach a general election that they may pursue justice in their policies.

2 June - Kiltwalks for Christian Aid

Pray for those undertaking Kiltwalks across Scotland to raise funds for Christian Aid.

3 June - Volunteers Week

As we begin Volunteers Week, pray with thanksgiving for all who volunteer their time to Christian Aid.

4 June - World Environment Day

On World Environment Day, pray for an end to our destruction of the natural environment.

5 June - Christian Aid Week Achievements

Join us in praying with thankfulness for all who fundraised, acted and prayed with us during Christian Aid Week.

6 June - Global Solidarity

Pray that the bonds between ourselves and our global neighbours would grow stronger.

7 June - Avocado Farmers

Pray for avocado farmers in countries like Burundi, battling the climate crisis.

8 June - Ceasefire

Pray for a lasting ceasefire in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

9 June - Going above and beyond

Pray for supporters like Godfrey (89), who is walking a 1000 miles for Christian Aid.

10 June - Sierra Leone

Pray for Christian Aid's work in Sierra Leona and find out about how you can meet our country director.

11 June - Children's Right to Play

Pray that children across the world would enjoy the right to play.

12 June - Cancel the Debt

Pray that when the next UK government is elected they would make debt cancellation a priority.

13 June - India

Pray for Christian Aid's work on sustainable livelihoods in India.

14 June - Climate Justice Prophets

Pray for those using their prophetic voice to speak up for climate justice.

15 June - Faith into Action

Pray for those putting their faith into action by engaging with politicians.

16 June - Rural Enterprise Assistance Project

Pray for the Rural Enterprise Assistance Project providing skills training in Malawi.

17 June - Election Engagement

Pray for churches hosting their candidates ahead of the general election.

18 June - Opportunities to Learn

Pray that children and young people would have opportunities to learn about their global neighbours.

19 June - Methodist Church in Ireland

Pray for the Methodist Church in Ireland, one of Christian Aid's sponsoring churches.

20 June - Refugees

On World Refugee Day, pray for all people forced to flee their homes.

21 June - Put Peace First

Pray that those with political power would put peace first.

22 June - Syria

Pray for Christian Aid's humanitarian work in Syria.

23 June - Corporate Partnerships

Pray for Christian Aid's corporate partners and for businesses to consider their social impact.

24 June - Scottish Episcopal Church

Pray for the Scottish Episcopal Church, one of Christian Aid's sponsoring churches.

25 June - Faith Leaders United

Pray for unity between faith leaders in acting together for justice.

26 May - Changemaker Activists

Pray for young people engaging with Christian Aid training to become Changemaker Activists.

27 June - Climate Justice Campaigners

Pray for Christian Aid's volunteer Climate Justice Campaigners.

28 June - Our Policy and Advocacy Team

Pray for the work of Christian Aid's policy and advocacy team.

29 June - Burkina Faso

Pray for Christian Aid's work on building community resilience in Burkina Faso.

30 June - Vocational Skills

Pray for young people in Zimbabwe undertaking vocational skills training.
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We'll update you on our latest prayer and worship resources by email every month.