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What have we achieved in the first 10 years with ITL?

With your incredible generosity, we've been able to test pioneering approaches to tackling poverty in over 20 countries, directly impacting the lives of tens of thousands of women, men and children around the world.

Help us take the next leap forward

The current 5-year phase of the In Their Lifetime Appeal was launched in January 2021. This appeal seeks to continue the transformative impact of this initiative.

Funds raised will be invested in projects which have both direct human impact on communities around the world. This will instigate greater change, by focusing in on the key challenges, gaps and opportunities where targeted investment could have a huge impact.

Armed with that knowledge and your support, we get ever closer to our ultimate goal – to see an end to poverty, inequality and injustice.

Read more about the ITL Appeal (PDF)

In this short film, we show how the first ten years of this appeal has created real change.


10 years of In Their Lifetime

In this short film, we show how the first ten years of this appeal has created real change.

Three reasons to become an ITL supporter

  • Impact: the chance to make a meaningful contribution. Connect with others to support high-impact projects that tackle poverty, inequality, and injustice, while also helping to shape our work, and the work of others in the sector, for years to come.
  • Insight: a closer view of the difference you're making. You'll receive regular in-depth reports and updates from the field that give a transparent view of the successes, the challenges, risks and setbacks - and any revisions we need to make.
  • Engagement: a deeper exchange with Christian Aid. You'll receive regular project updates, and invitations to events, briefings and meetings with key Christian Aid and project staff, so you can clearly see the transformational impact your support is making.


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For further information about In Their Lifetime, to find out more about current projects, or to become an ITL supporter please email us at

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