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Are you ready to be a change maker?

Partnering with Christian Aid is about more that just corporate social responsibility; it is about joining a movement of purpose-driven businesses on a mission for a more fair and prosperous world.

We partner with action focused organisations who want to see real impact and social return for their corporate giving.  

Businesses, from the largest to the smallest, have a critical part to play in ending the scandal of poverty. Enterprise is the ladder out of poverty for most people. People living in poverty need the private sector to thrive. We seek partnership with business – big, medium and small.

- Partnership for Change: The Power to End Poverty.

Why partner with us?

Enhance your corporate offering and social impact with:

Sustainable impact

  • Poverty is complex. But we make an impact. Our approach considers social, economic and environmental aspects to ensure positive impact and lasting social change.

Global and local reach

  • We have access to expertise and alliances at local, national and international level in 15 countries. Working with us connects you more than 500 staff, 550 partner organisations, 300,000 active supporters in the UK and 130 further organisations through our membership of ACT Alliance.

Corporate Network

  • being a Christian Aid partner connects you to a unique peer-to-peer network of 75,000 business leaders across the UK, America, Africa and Asia through our Salt Business Network.   


  • Our commitment to ending poverty and injustice hasn’t wavered in 75 years. Because of our experience, we’re internationally respected as a skilled and trusted partner, consistently delivering lasting, life-changing outcomes.

Influence and convening power

  • The quality of our programmes, research and advocacy has made us a natural choice to lead and advise international alliances and campaigns.

Technical expertise

  • We bring in-depth knowledge and technical expertise to the complex challenges relating to poverty, including climate change, tax justice, resilience and health.


Ways to work with us

Finding synergy 

  • Let’s see where your goals and ours intersect. You might want a stable supply of quality products, we want a fair price for farmers. You might be developing products and services that vulnerable and marginalised communities need, we want to increase access to markets for these communities.  We have a vast global network – we work in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East. We can help you understand the risks and opportunities facing local  communities across the globe and build sustainable solutions together.  

Join the Philanthropic Capital Investment Fund 

  • The Philanthropic Capital Investment Fund is a collective giving platform which strategically manages your donation to maximise sustainable social impact through markets based solutions to poverty. 

Funding Projects and Providing Expertise

  • Help a fledgling business take off and you could lift hundreds out of poverty. You could fund a health project or provide emergency funding after a crisis. You could provide technology or expertise to build local skills. There are many ways to work with Christian Aid.

Support a Business in the Global South

  • If you are an investor, you can connect with investable pipeline enterprises and support them directly to grow their businesses.
  • If you are a service provider, the skills of your employees could contribute to the development of small and growing businesses in the developing world.

Speak up for the global South

  • We know large companies regularly deal with government at home and abroad. And we know that our concerns are often your concerns too. You can help us get heard in high places while your business gains a deeper understanding of poverty reduction and complex development challenges.

Get involved

Philanthropic Capital Investment Fund

Strategic giving for corporate social impact

Salt Business Network

Christian Aid's Salt Business Network encouraging faith-aligned and values-based business.