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Until the UK government calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza and suspends its arms sales to Israel, it is complicit in the slaughter of innocent civilians taking place every day.

Contact your MP today.

Whether you write, email or meet them, urge them to call on the UK government to:

  • Call for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire
  • Halt arms sales to Israel 
  • Call out all violations of international humanitarian law
  • Fully fund UN-led aid relief in Gaza

The more our representatives hear our call for them to act, the harder it is for them to ignore.

Tips for contacting your MP

Whether you’re writing a letter, emailing, or meeting your MP, follow the tips below to make the biggest impact:  

  • Introduce yourself as their constituent, so it’s clear they’re your representative.
  • Quickly say why you’re contacting them about the situation in Gaza and why it’s important to you.
  • Acknowledge the events in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory since October, including Hamas’s attacks and hostage taking, the bombardment and blockade of Gaza and violence in the West Bank, which have led to intolerable suffering among Palestinians and Israelis, Muslims and Jews.
  • Briefly share people’s experiences of the conflict and humanitarian crisis in Gaza, to show how urgent action is. Read this reflection on the struggles facing families in Gaza from Christian Aid's consultant Ahmed Sourani.
  • Ask them to act - Have a clear ask for your MP so they have something obvious they can do. You can find some suggested actions for your MP in the MP briefing below.
  • Share the MP briefing - If you’re writing to your MP encourage them to read Christian Aid’s MP briefing that you have enclosed or attached. If you’re meeting in person share a printed version with them.   
  • Keep it short and to the point - If you are writing to or emailing them, 500 words is enough. If you’re meeting with them speak for no more than 5 minutes, this way you have time for questions and discussion.
  • Hold them to account - If you’ve written to or emailed your MP, ask them to respond to you and let you know what they will do. If you meet, get a commitment from them while you’re there.

If you need help contacting your MP visit or contact the Christian Aid campaigns team at

MP briefing

Give or send our latest UK parliamentary briefing to your MP.
Once you’ve contacted your MP - Let us know

It really helps our campaigning work. If we’re speaking your MP in Westminster, we can mention that their constituents are also urging them to act.

Devolved Nations

If you’re living in Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales it is also important to contact your devolved representatives to ask them to urge your devolved executive or government to call for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

You can use the same principles for contacting your devolved representatives as outlined above for contacting your MP.

If you need help contacting your devolved representatives visit

Alternatively, contact the Christian Aid campaigns team at

Finally, don’t forget to let the campaigns team know once you’ve contacted your local representatives. 

Ceasefire Now Campaign

Head to our main campaign page for more info and actions.